Medical Tray & Blister Sealers with features preferred by packaging engineers.


Now UDI, Printer Output & Audit Trail Data from your medical device tray sealer!

Data input barcode scanning, printer output, labels and tray sealing audit trail (click here).

Track data for every seal stroke, track all recipe edits, every PW sign-on, input UDI data for each stroke and generate detailed reports or print labels. All with no troublesome PC! Medical Device Tray Sealers with intelligence. (click here)

All Electric Medical Tray Sealer; NEW

Atlas Vac Machine has a new addition to its lineup of tray All Electric Sealer design.  No pneumatics! The cleanest of clean room tray sealers.

In seeking the ultimate in precise down-force control, our engineers have replaced the traditional pneumatic press with the next generation of press drive systems.  This provides the most accurate and repeatable sealing force of any medical tray sealer. Coupled with the heaviest heater & platen cross section in the industry, electric auto shuttles and our new OSHA compliant light curtain operator safety system, the rugged Atlas Vac tray sealer line has added a new all electric press that will out class any other medical device tray sealer you have ever used for cleanroom packaging.  (Click here )

Measure "down force in lb-F" not just air pressure...only with Atlas Vac

All Electric Sealers or traditional pneumatic sealers.  No other medical device tray sealer brand on the market can directly measure the force exerted by the sealing platen.  You validate time and temperature output at the platen but why are you validating supplied air pressure instead of the actual Down Force  of the platen?   Our Force Sensing option is available on every pneumatic Atlas Vac sealer or step up to our new All Electric model.


Packaging engineers are often the last team members invited to a product launch and yet the failure of medical device or pharmaceutical packaging can doom the project and profits.  Acquiring the best sealing equipment and tooling will reduce validation time and assure a reliable result....the first time

Atlas Vac Machine has been delivering professional grade blister sealers or tray sealing equipment, and tooling, to the medical device industry for decades longer than any other manufacturer.   The medical packaging equipment market is our specialty, not an add-on profit center to a wider commercial equipment line.  Look at our product line.  You will not see general or commercial blister sealers converted to medical or pharmaceutical use.  You cannot properly validiate a commercial tray or blister sealer.

Why is Atlas Vac Machine the best in its league?  Our people care about our customers because they are considered essential to our business...and they are.

Explore our new website and ask questions by emailing us at .

Can Your Tray Sealer Do This?

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New address as of October 2011:


9150 Reading Rd.

Cincinnati, OH  45215

513-407-3513 main

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Medical & Pharmaceutical Tray Sealers for Professionals


Healthpack '18 Kansas City. Mar 6-8, 2018 - Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Atlas Vac will be at Healthpack '18 in Kansas City March 6-8, 2018.  A great conference with excellent presentations for the medical device packaging professional. Stop by our booth and try our our newest color touch screen with standard barcode reading function and Audit Trail Database. All done without a PC!  Bring your 1D and 2D barcodes and "talk shop".

MD&M West 2018 - Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Stop by our booth #1872 at MD&M West February 6-8 in Anaheim, CA and try our our newest color touch screen with standard barcode reading function and Audit Trail Database. All done without a PC!  Bring your 1D and 2D barcodes and "talk shop".

July 4th Holiday - Friday, June 30, 2017

Atlas Vac Machine will be closed Monday July 3 and Tuesday July 4th for an extended 4th of July Holiday.  A celebration of the American Revolution.

The Constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people, it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government - lest it come to dominate our lives and interests.”
Patrick Henry


DeviceTalks, June 26-27; Intercontinental St. Paul, MN - Wednesday, May 31, 2017

DeviceTalks is the premier opportunity for industry leaders to come together and share perspectives. It provides exclusive insights with the leaders changing the course of medicine.  An opportunity to speak with engineers providing the latest technologies.

Atlas Vac will have its newest technology there, booth #503.

Atlas Vac at HealthPack '17; Denver, CO; March 7-9, 2017 - Friday, February 17, 2017

HealthPack an excellent conclave of packaging professionals in the medical device industry.  Be sure someone from your team is in attendance for the numerous technical presentations as well to meet suppliers from across this industry.  Atlas Vac will bring a demo unit for our UDI barcode scanning sealer input system and Audit Trail database for you to try your sample barcodes while seeing the current state of tray sealer controls, data acquistion and configuration maintenance.   


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Atlas Vac at MD&M West; Anaheim, CA Feb 7-9, 2017, Booth #1862 - Monday, January 16, 2017

Stop by our booth #1862 at MD&M West in Anaheim, CA and try our our newest color touch screen with standard barcode reading function and Audit Trail Database. All done without a PC!  Bring your 1D and 2D barcodes and "talk shop".


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Atlas Vac at PharmaEXPO 2016, Nov 6-9, 2016. W-805 - Friday, September 30, 2016

Be sure to visit Atlas Vac Machine at Pharma EXPO 2016, booth W-805, from November 6-9 2016 in Chicago, IL. Again, we will have our high performance All Electric 1830S Tray Sealer demonstrating why it out performs all pneumatic sealers ever made. In addition to a Category 3 light curtain and smooth electric shuttle motion, it will include on-sealer VideoJet printing on a sealed Barger VPak tray as an option. New for 2016, we will have our robust Audit Trail capable PLC control system tracking all sign-ons, recipe changes, calibration changes and other critical system functions. Data Capture and Output for all per seal recipe parameter readings, alarm history, lot ID, operator ID and other data will be demonstrated for capture or labeling. We love to “talk shop” so please stop by. We are at the front of the West Hall!

Atlas Vac at Healthpack '16 - Thursday, February 25, 2016

Healthpack is the best opportunity for networking with other medical device packaging professionals each year.

Users and suppliers together in detailed conference sessions. Come see us in New Orleans, LA on March 15-17, 2016 at the Astor Crowne Plaza.

Atlas Vac at MDM West 2016 - Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Atlas Vac's All Electric Sealer will be on display at MD&M West (booth #1869) Feb 9-11, 2016. 

This new platform not only uses zero compressed air, but it also includes OSHA compliant light curtains system as also available across the entire Atlas Vac model family.

This unit will demo Videojet on sealer printing as well.  Other new enhancements such as on screen calibration interfaces are also included as standard features.

Atlas Vac at PharmaExpo/PackExpo 2014 - Saturday, October 18, 2014

 All Electric 18:30S Sealer with on-line digital lid stock printing will be on display in our booth W805.  See details on our tradeshow page.

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All Electric Sealer at MD&M West Feb12-14, 2013 - Sunday, February 2, 2014

Atlas Vac's new All Electric Sealer addition to its product line will be on display at MD&M West (booth #1947) Feb 11-13, 2014.  This new platform not only uses no compressed air, but it also includes OSHA compliant light curtains available across the entire Atlas Vac model family. Other new enhancements such as on screen calibration interfaces are also included as standard features.

All Electric Tray Sealer - Friday, October 26, 2012

Atlas Vac Machine, LLC will unveil the industry’s first medical tray sealer with an all-electric press at Pack Expo 2012.  This new model, which is available with single or dual shuttle configurations, features a servo drive system to apply, measure and control direct force output far more accurately and with greater repeatability than standard pneumatic versions which control air pressure and attempt to equate it to downward force.  The resulting down-force “signature curve” reaches full down-force application quickly and is held extremely constant throughout the entire dwell time setting.  Now packaging engineers can match the traditional accuracy of dwell time and temperature controls with a down-force result unparalleled by other systems. 

Vote. It is a citizen's responsiblity in a republic. - Wednesday, September 26, 2012

 It would seem that it is the responsibilty of every citizen to vote in a republic given the fact that so many of our citizens, since the country was founded, sacrificed "all".  Perhaps being better informed before voting should be a commitment in this 21st century.  Some clarity is presented on this link. 

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Outstanding Entrepreneur Award - Monday, December 5, 2011

Atlas Vac Machine has been awarded the Outstanding Entrepreneur Award for 2011 by the Reading, OH Chamber of Commerce.  Atlas Vac is one of the latest medical device and pharma firms choosing to locate in this Cincinnati hub for such businesses.

Redundant Over Temperature Control - Monday, November 28, 2011

Atlas Vac includes as standard equipment on all sealers effective October 2011 a redundant over temperature safety control system.  This automatic system provides a separate thermocouple, control module and circuit connection directly to the standard AB Safety contactor in addition to the existing PLC circuit signal.  This system can be retrofitted to most older Atlas Vac units. Registered Users can read more in our Technical Documents section of this website.

Atlas Vac Machine move to larger location - Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Atlas Vac Machine is in the process of moving into its new location during the month of September 2011.  Significant effort has been made in preparing the larger building over the past several months for occupancy. We look forward to being a part of the business community in Reading, OH (suburb of Cincinnati) with excellent access to the interstates while presenting a shorter commute for all our employees and associates.  9150 Reading Rd., Cincinnati, OH  45215

Atlas Vac expands; new site - Friday, January 14, 2011

Atlas Vac will be expanding into a recently acquired location in Reading, OH, an inner beltway community of Cincinnati (  Nearby are medical device-pharma producers as well as a thriving business community.  Preparations are underway to ready the spacious building for occpancy.  Additional details will be announced as the transition date nears.

Dual Lead Thermocouples Now Standard - Wednesday, November 3, 2010

As announced at the PackExpo '10 exposition, Atlas Vac now provides dual lead thermocouples as standard equipment to enhance calibration efforts.   These special limits grade thermocouples are also backwards compatible to all previous Atlas Vac units with vertical thermocouple wells.

Electric Shuttle Now Standard - Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Effective with the 2010 model year, Atlas Vac Machine, LLC will be providing, as standard equipment, electric shuttles on its entire line of auto shuttle medical device tray sealers.   Previously available only as a special order option, the electric shuttle technology provides an ultra smooth shuttle movement with proper acceleration and deceleration. Coupled with previously announced technologies such as Force Sensing (patented) and Tool Recognition RFID, Atlas Vac continues to provide equipment technologies preferred by packaging professionals.  All Atlas Vac models will still be available with the previous pneumatic shuttle systems for those customers wishing to “match” existing equipment configurations. 

Tray sealing tool nests for non-Atlas Vac sealers - Thursday, June 5, 2008

CNC precision machined tray sealing nest that are extremely flat and perpendicular are critical to validation and repeatable results. Atlas Vac is able to provide excellent tooling for select non-Atlas Vac sealers. Contact us with your equipment information.

Atlas Vac Machine launches new product
- Monday, May 12, 2008

Atlas Vac Machine launches new single shuttle large platen tray or blister sealer for tight clean room floor space scenarios. Model 1830S.

Atlas Vac Machine receives U.S. Patent. - Thursday, May 24, 2007

Atlas Vac offers the only tray sealers available with Force Sensing (lb-F) and IR thermal readings of the platen surface.